5 Ways To Spot A Fake Rolex Daytona

Today, I find that finding fakes from real Rolex replica watches has become somewhat difficult and more challenging. It's almost as if they are pursuing perfection, they are only one step away from achieving their goals. Therefore, I will introduce five things used to discover this fake Daytona.

Rolex Daytona 116500LN CER/SS/SS White ARF V2 A4130 Mod

The Thickness Of The Watch

The first is the thickness of the replica watch. Therefore, when I saw this fake watch and gave it to me, the first thing I noticed was that when he pulled it out, it just moved away from the back. I felt it was like ordinary replica Daytona stainless steel ceramic. Bezel. But the second second I grabbed the super clone watch and it felt thick, as if the outline of the case was too thick. When I saw it, this was the first thing that caught my attention. When I grabbed it, I immediately said, "Well, it feels very interesting." The second second, I think I already know it, it's over. Later, I continued to take actual measurements, and whether you believe it or not, it is actually 1.1mm thicker than the real version. So my back was right immediately. You will find that one thing I have noticed from experience is that they have a lot of trouble trying to get these replica watches as close as possible, but they always leave very few things behind. You know, some people will say, "Well, why not make it exactly the same size?" Well, there are many reasons. Sometimes, the actions may not be exactly the same. They need to participate in sports. When viewing the baffle from the side, the angle of the baffle may be completely different from the front baffle. Maybe the glass hangs a bit thick. Therefore, the combination of all these can actually form a part of more than one millimeter. For this particular replica watch, I noticed that the bezel is slightly higher, and the back cover at the back is actually thicker, so when I grabbed it, the little things there made the fake watch feel just higher from the back.


The second is color. Now, believe it or not, the color of this watch is different. In your opinion, how to destroy the white dial? I have the same idea. When I looked at it for the first time, I didn't notice it, but in fact the dial of this replica has a more yellowish tint. I don't know if this is the paint on the dial, or maybe it's any materials they use, glass, sapphire, or anything they use for glass, maybe it's just not clear. I personally think that this may be related to the crystal, making it slightly yellowish, but it doesn't sound as clear as it should be. So this is one thing you have to look at. Sometimes, whether it is a fake Daytona watch or any other super clone watch, the color will cause these watches to be lost. For example, the two-tone blue Submariner, the blue on the dial is very iconic, so it may give you some hints that something went wrong.

Print On The Dial

The third is the print on the dial. Now, it may look perfect with the naked eye, if you can see it clearly with the naked eye, then this is obviously a sign of a fake or a bad after-sales dial installed. it is good? However, when you look under a magnifying glass (a magnifying glass with a magnification of 10 times), we will have to notice that the edges of the book are not so sharp. With this particular change here, the layout is almost precise. I mean, everything is where it is needed. The only thing I realized was that the edges of the paint almost ooze a bit, instead of being so crisp and sharp. Rolex fake will of course get the right machinery when doing this printing, they can make it absolutely perfect, without distortion, and generally without any rough edges. The paint used by Rolex replica watches buying guide looks a bit thick, as if it protrudes a little above the dial, while the imitation paint is thinner and gets wet.


I use rivets on every replica watch, and even if it looks perfect, I still pick up the magnifying glass again. This is your business. You need a magnifying glass 10 times to see it, but this will become a rivet on the needle on each pointer. On this particular replica watch, it is a lifeless gift for me, because the original rivets always have a perfect finish, while the fake ones obviously have inferior finish. It looks rough, do you know what I mean? The other is smooth and smooth, while the other is rough. Now, I have seen a set of hands damaged before being removed and installed properly. Don't get confused, but if you look close enough, you will find that the rivet is not good and the center pin looks incorrect. The surface of the center rivet is like an IKEA washing machine. You can clearly know if this is not it. This is something I like to use with almost all imitation watches. I always take a magnifying glass and look at it. Of course, I do this so that consumers do not have to do this. Obviously, where these fake watches fake are made, they may not have enough technology or proper machinery to complete such small and exquisite things.

Movement Or Movement Function

Therefore, the fifth and last but not least is the movement or movement function. I say this because sometimes you just can't open the replica watch, so for me, there are always some clues. On replica Daytonas, one thing I often do is to hold one of these knock off watches in my hand not only to see if it is authentic and if there are any doubts, but also to see if it works. Start the timer. When you press the button on AAA Daytona, it will have a very unique feel. It feels solid and accurate. For this particular fake, they actually spent a lot of time trying to make the button feel perfect because it actually has the right feel. When you start, stop and reset, it feels exactly the same as it should be. However, when you continue to set the time, open the crown and turn the hands, it will feel completely closed. It feels like a full spin, like Nicki Minaj, it's all loose.

This is maddening, so for me, it is a fatal gift, always moving my hands and dating. On replica Daytona watches like this, what was given to me was actually what I sent when I manipulated my hand. You know, as far as the movement is concerned, the timing convinced me a little bit. I said, "Damn it, maybe this is one of them, it's like a copy." But forget it, when you move the time, you feel the Fisher price completely, it doesn't feel right. Now, if you really have time to open the bottom cover, it may be that all of this has been poured out. Obviously different. Even the direction of the entire movement is incorrect. Yes, of course, they put all these little clues there, trying to convince it to be it, as if it were printed on a very beautiful 4130. Rubies actually have a very good color, and the finish looks good to the naked eye. But in general, there will be something you realize that shouldn't exist. Some fake wheels and things don't even work properly. But again, you don't have to be an expert. You just have to be a good observer.

You can get real photos of the 4130 movement on Google, make some comparisons and draw conclusions. Therefore, although these watches replica are difficult to break, we still have to use the simple methods I just mentioned to really classify them. Remember, of the five things I said, I never really used only one thing. Usually, their combination can completely guarantee my mind 100% and tell me whether the fake watch is genuine or fake. So I hope this can provide some help to people at home, and thank you for watching. If you like this video, please share. Also, subscribe to our channel. And don't forget to press the notification bell until it looks like this. I am working on some interesting projects. You can get real photos of the 4130 movement on Google, make some comparisons and draw conclusions. Therefore, although these perfection cloned watches are difficult to break, we still have to use the simple methods I just mentioned to really classify them. Remember, of the five things I said, I never really used only one thing. Usually, their combination can completely guarantee my mind 100% and tell me whether the replica watch is genuine or fake.


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