Replica Rolex Daytona Ceramic Oysterflex Strap 116515LN Rose Gold

Today we will discuss the replica Rolex Oyster Perpetual Universe Daytona model 116515LN Everose gold 40 mm watch replica with a ceramic bezel and a fake Rolex Oysterflex strap. The diameter of 40 mm is the Rolex replica standard Daytona slim standard size, and the thickness is only 12.4mm, the size from lug to lug is reasonable, 47mm. 6mm, so if you want to wear this replica watch on your small wrist, you can leave the strap with a 20mm gap between the lugs, and you can see that Rolex fake uses the tail to make the strap and the case better To prevent the sunlight from being visible and create the overall beauty of the bracelet, now I pop the clam shell, and then throw the lift lock trigger on my 16 cm circumference wrist. The very comfortable flat flushing effect is easy to wear in formal Under the sleeve, you will find that it cannot be easily brought to the wrist, and because the wristband is pulled straight down, you can wear it on a smaller wristband and have confidence to minimize the circumference of the wrist to 13 and a half centimeters. Make your reference frame 16 cm again on the oysterflex hardware and software.

Rolex Daytona 116515 CER/RG/RU Wht/Stk ARF V2 A4130 Mod

Oysterflex Bracelet

Oysterflex is actually packed in one package. This is the proper name for the strap bracelet. The bracelet has a titanium alloy strap inside, so it will never be completely torn because it is a metal fake watch that runs through your sides. It can be seen that there is a little stripe extending down the center. Its contour thickness and taper are also reduced to the taper of the bracelet. Therefore, from the perspective of actual fluidity and integration with the case, it looks a lot like a bracelet. I'm talking about bracelets, I mean the clasp is a piece of exquisite red gold, just like it is a luxury accessory, with an easy-to-connect system inside, so you can make 5 mm in and out adjustments, and the inside It also has three drill bits, so you can use the belt tool to change the bracelet tip inside the anchor buckle. It can be used to fine-tune all the high polishes inside. You can see that the beak in the hook system is locked first, and then the flip-top crown is again Locked, and there is a small cut under the crown, the five-point replica Rolex crown allows you to dig holes in the nails and open the flip lock, so that the locking mechanism is now, there is a bellows system under the bracelet, you It can be seen that it can be tightened to your wrist for a firmer fit, but in hot weather, you can also put an air bag on the air cushion bag to see through the wrist elegantly, sexy, natural, elegant, But the square and transparent super case seen on gmts and Submariner, this is an elegant and handsome almost formal replica watch.

Ceramic Bezel

The bezel looks like a streamlined, ceramic, almost no scratches, you can see the rose gold deposited in it for calibration, it is a tachymeter scale, so you can use a chronograph and two fixed points , Such as the starting and ending points of flying miles or kilometers, and this speedometer allows you to measure the speed of an object above the aircraft. Of course you and I have obtained the red gold hands index and the five-point Rolex replica watches buying guide, so they will never oxidize or change color over time. I want to mention why the eternal rose gold is called eternal rose because it contains A lot of copper makes it look rosy and nearly red. A lot of platinum, so unlike the traditional rose gold, it will not go by with time. It has exquisite dish-shaped markings. You can see that they have concentric kiyoshi or azurage, with red gold and red gold chapter rings, black lacquer base The red gold inner gui-style printed screw-down crown (that is, the trip block and the screw-down chronograph button) has a water resistance of 100 meters. The timepiece has a solid case back, so you just get The more precious metal, not the back.

4130 Movement

The 30 sapphires inside the case are knock off Rolex. This movement is the 44-joule automatic two-way winding of the 4130 movement launched in 2000. It uses rotor bearings instead of Rolex. The previous jeweler designed to improve shock resistance. The three-day power reserve beats at a rate of 28,800 vibrations per hour. It does have the function of splitting or stopping the second hand. Thanks to the help of the column wheel and vertical clutch, it is very stable. The vertical clutch allows you to start and stop without jumping. The horizontal clutch will be bounced or staggered. The vertical clutch also allows you to keep chronographs without any operation. The movement is in danger of wear or tear. It is a cosc chronograph, but Rolex replica Daytona watches go beyond six positions instead of five. The ability to test on a chronograph, and a replica watch with a full leather case is not a bare movement tested by a chronograph, so replica Rolex released this fake watch from the factory test will run minus two or add two seconds per day or Longer time, so the term "precision chronometer" is cosc, but now more is that it has a fully balanced bridge, with a free spring index to prevent shock, and has a coiled spring to pass in each chronograph Keep an equal amount of time to help it obtain the certification of the precision chronometer. This is the position the case provides you. Then the case is made of niobium-zirconium blue oxidized antimagnetic alloy replica Rolex, called power chrome blue, so this replica watch has It is waterproof, shockproof and resistant to timing deviations. Of course, it is also a complete set of antimagnetic. You can also buy the best Rolex replica watches in the store.


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