Please find below the latest Covid 19 Guidance as issued by the RFU on September 29th. In particular, the Covid positive test result notification form.

“Update on Covid-19 guidance and resources
We’ve recently received lots of updates and information regarding the impact of Covid-19 on our game. We have therefore taken the opportunity to clean up our website to ensure that all our Covid-19 guidance and resources are in one place. This is available through the link below.
Updated Resources

Update on the handling of Covid-19 positive tests
Following consultation with Public Health England, we have produced overview guidance which explains the actions required by a club following a positive Covid-19 test. There is also extended guidance available for clubs who have a confirmed Covid-19 test case.

We ask that clubs submit notification of all positives tests within a club, including retrospective cases. This information is requested to allow us to monitor the number of confirmed positive Covid-19 tests occurring in clubs and ensure clubs have the appropriate support. The notifications should be submitted via the Positive Test Notification Form link below.

Notification Form

Test & Trace

Clubs are reminded of the need to have a Test & Trace system in place.

The launch of the NHS/Government app now allows individuals to self-login at locations, however, clubs should consider the use of an additional system based specifically on the club, that allows them to track all visitors themselves. There are a number of systems now available and clubs should consider the benefits and which is the most appropriate system for them. One such system is been made available by Howdens, our insurance broker. They have partnered with Guest Visit to develop a bespoke system that allows clubs to easily record visitor information in a secure and securely managed way. You can find out more below.”

Howdens Test and Trace

RFU Community Update Tuesday Sept 29th