At Lymm RFC. Crouchley Ln. Lymm.WA13 0AT.
Two games. Cheshire Blues ko 2.15. Cheshire Whites ko 3.30pm.

Cheshire Blues. Meet at Lymm RFC. At 1.00pm.

  1. Soheil Kakaie. Lymm. H.S. Lymm RFC.
  2. Rhys Fray. Kirkham. G.S. Lymm RFC.
  3. Charlie Bancroft. Weaverham H.S. Warrington RFC.
  4. Jake Liddle. King’s School Chester. Chester RFC.
  5. Callum Bright. Christleton H.S. Chester RFC.
  6. Harry Leach. Wirral Boy’s G.S. Wirral .RFC.
  7. James Harthill. Bridgewater H.S. Warrington RFC
  8. James Legg. Altrincham Boys G.S. Bowden RFC.
  9. Jacob Mitchell. Wirral Boy’s G.S. Wirral RFC
  10. Ollie Larkin. Lymm H.S. Lymm RFC.
  11. Dan Billington-Boeteng. Bramhall H.S. Stockport RFC.
  12. Jacob Simmons. Calday Grange G.S. Caldy RFC.
  13. Max Nikou. Wellington H.S.. Altrincham Kersal. RFC.
  14. Josh Whittle. St Ambrose College. Altrincham Kersal RFC.
  15. Josh Lynch. Kirkham G.S. Bethesda RFC.
  16. Charlie Warr. King’s School Macclesfield. Macclesfield RFC.
  17. Juan Chung. St Bede’s College. Altrincham Kersal RFC.
  18. George Arnold. Manchester G.S. Wilmslow RFC.
  19. Harry Thompson. Kirkham G.S. Nomads RFC.
  20. Dylan Allen. King’s School Chester. Chester RFC.
  21. Raef Watts. King’s School Chester. Chester RFC.
  22. Nathan Bass. Bridgewater H.S. Warrington RFC.
  23. Deklan Hodson. The Grange School. Lymm RFC.
  24. Charlie Hyde. Weaverham H.S. Winnington Park RFC.

Cheshire will supply the match shirt and socks. Squad members to supply their own white shorts.

Post match meal dress. Collar and tie. School trousers. No denim.

Cheshire Whites. Meet at Lymm RFC 2.00pm. Ko 3.30.

  1. Elliot Worthington. Cheadle Hulme School. Stockport RFC.
  2. Mo Rahaman. Manchester G.S. Wilmslow RFC.
  3. Jacob Arrowsmith. Hope Academy. Warrington RFC.
  4. Oscar Walsh. Queen’s Park H.S. Chester RFC.
  5. Jack Oakes. Sandbach School. Lymm RFC.
  6. Michael Butler. Sandbach School. Lymm RFC.
  7. James Smith. Wirral Boy’s G.S. Chester RFC.
  8. David Bailey. Christleton H.S. Chester RFC. 
  9. Sam Murphy. Manchester G.S. Wilmslow RFC
  10. Mathew Hope. St Ambrose College. Warrington RFC.
  11. Oliver O’Neill. St Joseph’s College. Sandbach RFC.
  12. Ben Motamed. Manchester G.S. Wilmslow RFC.
  13. Harry Reeder. Stockport G.S. Manchester RFC.
  14. Ben Verbickas. Sandbach School. Sandbach RFC.
  15. .Dylan Smith-Johnson. Bramhall H.S. Stockport RFC 
  1. Jack Roberts. Wirral Boy’s G.S. Wirral RFC.
  2. Jack England. Weaverham H.S. Winnington Park RFC.
  3. Frankie Sheridan. Lymm H.S. Lymm RFC.
  4. Billy Grifiths. King’s School Macclesfield. Wilmslow RFC.
  5. James Guest. Bramhall H.S. Stockport RFC.
  6. Leo Zeng. Bridgewater H.S. Warrington RFC.
  7. Luke Minett. Lymm H.S. Lymm RFC.
  8. Toby Elkerton. Calday Grange G.S. Caldy RFC.

Cheshire Squad members not in these Squad teams will have priority for the next games on Sunday 2 Feb v Lancashire at Chester RFC.

Post-match meals will be supplied after each game.  

An early notice of injury or unavailability would be appreciated.

Bob Davies. 01663742162   


Mon 27 Jan. Squad session St Ambrose College. 5.30-7.00pm.

Sun 2 Feb. Lancashire at Chester RFC. Two sides. First ko 2.15.

Mon 17 Feb. Squad session. St Ambrose College 5.30-7.00pm.

Sun 23 Feb. Staffordshire at Stafford RFC One side. 2.00 ko. Meet there.