Natwest Rugby Force is up and running this weekend so no better place to start than with Capenhurst RUFC who have never had a clubhouse.

“With the club not having a welfare/hospitality suite for post-game refreshments after our social club was decommissioned, we decided to take a couple of the changing rooms out of the pavilion and make a seating area for ourselves. We started the work by knocking a few walls down and clearing a space that would be of suitable size. Unfortunately whilst doing this we came across some structural issues we weren’t prepared for. Urenco got involved and the clubhouse had to be condemned until suitable for use. We sat around the table and worked a joint approach with Urenco massively supporting the club by helping with pitch fee’s and then completely refurbishing our pavilion to our very own design. The key handover is 27th July at which point the Club for the first time in over 50 years will have a proper place to call home.”

Chris Fay Chairman Capenhurst RUFC