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Good Club Governance

Governance has become an increasingly important issue that rugby union clubs have to address.

Player Welfare - Rugby Safe

As an RFU affiliated club, it is important that you keep the whole of the club as safe as possible and this applies.

Age Grade Codes of Practice

Age Grade Rugby ensures that every player is able to enjoy rugby in a safe environment where they can develop their personal and social skills as well as a wide array of transferable multi-sports skills.

Latest News

Graeme Marrs M.B.E.

It is with great sadness that we have to announce the death of Graeme Marrs on Friday 16th August at the age of 79. Graeme Marrs was a former Hon Sec and President of both Cheshire RFU and Birkenhead Park FC. He was at the heart of Cheshire RFU for over 20 years, involving himself […]

Cheshire Junior Cup and Kids First Festivals

Apologies for the delay in posting details for the Cheshire Junior Cup – this was due to delays in obtaining the information from the RFU regarding the new ‘Half Game’ rule (see other post). Cheshire has conferred with Clubs and taken the changes to Junior Rugby into consideration. Cheshire have decided that the U12s, U13s […]

New ‘Half Game’ Rule

The RFU have introduced a new ‘Half Game’ Rule (see below). This new rule will be enforced and monitored for all M&J games. Not adhering to this rule could mean sanctions for the clubs and their first XVs. 15.12 Half Game Rule 15.12.1 Other than set out in Regulation 15.12.2, all clubs, teams, schools and colleges […]

Playing Adult Rugby changes to Regs….

Any club that intends to play a 17 yr old in Adult Rugby this season must in the first place be approved by Cheshire RFU and only after it has been approved can it submit a player application. Both club and player applications are to be sent to Colin Free (Rugby Safe lead) at safeguarding@cheshirerfu.co.uk […]